Geoff Bloder

A native of Colorado, Geoff Bloder has been a prominent figure in the Hollywood post-production community for the last 20 years.  Experienced in all technical aspects of post-production, his primary focus since 2005 has been file-based distribution and workflows.  With expertise in all business models across the Mobile, Broadcast and OTT industries, Geoff has been instrumental in creating entertainment’s “Digital Supply Chain.”  Prior to joining Premiere Digital in 2015, Geoff served as Director of Media and Audio Services at 20th Century Fox, where he built and ran the technical operations teams at Fox Media Services.  He also spent several years at both boutique and large-scale post-production facilities.  He joined Premiere Digital as VP Technology and rose to Chief Technology officer in 2019, focusing on aligning the company’s technological capabilities with its goal of helping customers monetize content through simplified operations.

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